Thursday, April 23, 2015

Innovative fusion of classical masterpieces Series 7077 Breguet watches

As an independent complex functions, chronograph watch industry has always been in place. When the meter itself in an intuitive way of showing the passage of time, but if you want to achieve other mechanical functions is a big challenge, because adding the timing function can interfere with the operation of the main gear system. Therefore, the use of the new Breguet masterpieces Series 7077 Chronograph in the two independent gear train collaborate, two gears disconnected, turn the timer function to ensure that the operation will not affect the movement. Today we bring home the watch is Breguet at Basel Watch Fair this year has just launched Breguet masterpieces Series 7077 Chronograph, Reference Model: 7077BB / G1 / 9XV.

The new 7077 chronograph inherited the Breguet Tradition handed down a bold series of avant-garde design, its intricate machinery on the surface of the main structure at a glance, it is amazing.

The watch case diameter of 44 mm, a large table diameter line with the current wave of popular big table diameter, case in 18K white gold with precious metal and delicate low-key presentation can not conceal the extravagant beauty metallic sheen.

Watch with a timeless classic domed sapphire crystal glass table mirror, table mirror extremely resistant, translucent clear, the process will be the perfect top watch unreserved expose the eyes.

Table preceded by 18K white gold simple and elegant style, the crown decorated with the classic triangle side grooves enhance the feel of the chain, while also making the case more classical elegance, top crown bear a flower body "B" word logo, highlight the distinguished brand identity.

The shape of the watch case is still using the Breguet very classic coin-type shell, simple triangular grooves by showing delicate modification effect Breguet watch the full show in detail the subtle style modification.

Lugs with a Breguet very classical style fillet welded straight lugs, fine grinding the precious metal luster accentuates angles slightly backward to make wrist watches more fitting, comfortable to wear.

This watch Handicap eccentric design, located 12 o'clock position, silvered dial with azure blue steel Breguet hands showing excellent time classic elegant atmosphere. Dial decorated with delicate central Paris nail pattern, another pointer more legible, dial scale, but also between the time scale and the use of triangular grooves inside the dial as a division of functional areas. In order to allow people to easily enjoy the design precision movement components, watchmakers through sophisticated design originally hidden in Itabashi, gears, escapement, barrel and other parts of the dial plate movement under the clear showing off. Moreover, the movement on the part of the dial is more symmetrically distributed in accordance with extremely enhances balance watch visual effects.

Series Chronograph handed down in 7077 adopted two separate gear train: one for driving the hour and minute hands, relying on the vibration frequency of 3 Hz balance wheel adjustment, with a 50-hour power reserve dial the 2:00 position equipped with power reserve display; the gear train is used for timing function 5 Hz high vibration frequency balance wheel collaborate to ensure the accuracy of the timing gear train, and is responsible for the time display.

Typically, install a second gear train means that you need to install two barrels. The new 7077 series watches are masterpieces uses a new spring, perfect to meet the power needs of the timing device. Power required timing device operated from the wearer when the energy provided zero button song leafy winding down can store this energy. This traditional clockwork although only store up to 20 minutes of power, but for the measurement of short-term activities in terms of timing functions, just right. With the power of the design, timing device storage is always in full-cell state, so the wearer can always turn on the timer function, without worrying about whether adequate power movement.

In the lower half of the dial, we can see normally hidden beneath the table at the end of the balance wheel of endless running, the balance wheel is mounted above the Breguet handed iconic series "parachute" (pare-chute) suspension, protect the balance wheel from impact.

This watch is equipped with a manual winding mechanical movement Cal.580DR through the table at the end of the sapphire crystal glass, we can glimpse the top watch a perfect process, the movement delicate sandblasted and ubiquitous fall angle grinding very ecstatic. Carved on the back of the movement number and Breguet "Breguet" hand-carved.

Summary: Breguet masterpieces Series 7077 Series Chronograph handed down uphold the traditional characteristics of the series, especially the perfectly symmetrical effect, is the historical brand Breguet watches another successful conduct of modern innovation initiative. Simple and understated appearance highlights the long tradition of Breguet, the application of advanced technology, it allows us to see the Breguet brand is committed to innovation, pioneering firm steps in the future. Today, not only does Breguet inherited and continued with Mr. Breguet handed down by the unique style and innovative spirit, constantly digging brand history, has been the decline of the classical revival process, constantly showing stunning artwork wrist

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

How to choose a suitable for their own watches

But how to choose a satisfactory quality watch? Often, people only to listen to the size of the table walking machine voice, high and low to judge the quality of the watch, it is unscientific. Because watches quality, basically be to see it the accuracy of the actual travel time. Table machine as the sound of a balanced, clear and no noise, just means no fault in the machine table, doesn't mean the watch quality is good or bad, as a way to choose a watch.

Also must choose from the following points:
A watch, check watch appearance parts appearance from shell and at the second hand, table mirror, dial, etc. Case should be without sand holes and obvious scratch, angular symmetry; On the back cover and spiral shell part should be closely; Distance apart is exactly equal to the length of each with two table ring watchcase, install the ear Juan hole should be centered in position at the end of the casing feet unbiased, the depth of the hole, the appropriate table ring is not easy to fall off; Table mirror should be without defects and scratches, transparent and bright; Installed correctly, three needle and needle, table mirror and shall have the right security clearance between dial; Dial and hands coating finish good, no spot mark, dial scale lines or luminous point complete; Between head and case about 0.1 0.3 mm gap.

Second, check the sensitivity of watches watches sensitivity refers to the balance wheel it automatically the flexibility of the pendulum. The inspection method is:

1) will not be a wind-up watch has stopped walking gently shaking, with the power of shaking to watch the second hand move: if the second hand stops walking around in a very short time, explain this watch on foot wound after all through no moment (spring), high sensitivity; If the second hand still waiting for a long time, explain this watch on foot wound after can't all go out (that is, the spring also stored torque), the sensitivity is not high or malfunction with the machine table.

2) will not be a wind-up watch stopped walking, turning his head slowly, watch the second hand starting conditions: article on the rotation is less, the second hand starting the earlier that the higher the sensitivity of the table; Low sensitivity or conversely table machine has other malfunction. But should pay attention to quickly put the watch because of the balance spring stiffness is bigger, than the traditional frequency (18000 times/h) table confidential on a little more spring to the pendulum. High sensitivity of watches, foot a wind-up continue after walking for a long time.

3) check watch pointer spacing and location
Between the clock and table mirror, dial and should keep a certain distance between three stitches, or scratches and influence each other table machine run properly. Check when can observe through the dial needle. The location of the hour and the minute hand and cooperate with each other whether normal inspection method is: will the minute hand and hour hand to 3 points, 9 points, observe whether two right angles; Whether to six points, two needles in a straight line; Whether to 12 o 'clock, two needles.

Article four, check a watch on the institutions
Normal watches should be relaxed. Article turn his head, first feel loose, gradually, more and more tightly when cannot continue to turn his head forward, article description on spring has completely full and work normally. If the rotation handle head article, "the abnormal sound of trees, or produce the phenomenon such as top tooth slippage, the article description on the institutions have fault.

5)check the watch dial needle
Watch the needle should be flexible, reliable, and pointer uniform rotation. Check the check points should be paid when wheel and the center shaft friction with firmness.

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